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Toronto was recently ranked as the 4th best place in the world for a startup by Startup Genome, a California-based research organization, ranking behind only Silicon Valley, New York City, and London UK.

We have no job postings at this time; however, we are always on the lookout for talented designers, developers, and data scientists.

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About Ntree

Modern consumer marketers and sellers are acquiring and utilizing more and more data from an expanding network of devices, applications, and partners in an effort to motivate buyers and grow their customer base. The optimal performance of these initiatives requires an ability to integrate online and offline data in order to measure performance, make better decisions, execute campaigns, integrate partners, stay compliant with regulations, and grow sales. Ntree exists to address these challenges.

The Founders

Darrin Parker (President) and John Ely (Vice President) are the Ntree founders. Darrin and John have worked together since 1999 on Sales & Marketing Technology and Data Management challenges for companies such as Canadian Scholarship Trust, Heritage Education Funds, Business Information Group, Reitmans, Nestlé, Aeroplan, Hudson's Bay, and General Motors.

Darrin Parker Darrin has an MBA from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he was also a Research Assistant to Glen Urban - M.I.T. Marketing Professor and author of "Don't Just Relate, Advocate!". Aside from his own ventures, Darrin has also worked on the management team of an eHealth Start-up, as a consultant at Rogers Communications, a marketer at Yahoo! and a consultant and software developer with Arthur Andersen.

John Ely John has an Architecture Degree from the University of Waterloo and for the past 10+ years he has worked closely with marketers and sales reps to implement automation and data management technologies that enable them to execute campaigns, manage leads, build teams, and grow sales. He is a trusted partner to Ntree’s clients and an expert in data visualization and analytics.